Boat Hatch Repair

Marine Hatch Repair
See clearly again!

İBS PLEXİGLASS can repair your leaking, cracked or crazed hatch lens. We have serviced many of the leading brands such as Lewmar Marine Ltd., Bomar, Hood, Atkins & Hoyle, Taylor made, Nemo, Bofor, Goiot, Lewmar, Trend Marin, Rutgerson, Vetus, Gebo and others.

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For a fast and friendly, no obligation quote, please send a photo and dimensions to Please specify the thickness of the lens and other issues you are having.

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We supply repair solutions for all your crazed and leaking hatches. Replacement of your old, faded, scratched, cracked, crazed and leaking hatches not only beautifies your vessel but gives you assurance while underway.

Our Partners

  • Bomar
  • Rutgerson
  • Moonlight
  • IBS
  • Vetus
  • Nemo
  • Bayern
  • Lewmar
  • Goiot
  • Gebo
  • Bofor