Boat Washboards

Boat Acrylic Washboards

Boat entrance door is’t a wood. Old or started to rot? Are you tired of sanding and varnish every year? Acylic door, scratched, broken, cracked, broken, been in enough light does not? Do not have a safety? At that time, the spot. 6-8 -10 – 12-15-20 mm from the new door do it. If you want, you do, let’s do a drawing and a new door recommendation. 5 year warranty.

Acrylic washboards have many advantages over traditional wooden ones.

1. Acrylic washboards allow light into your cabin but offer a degree of privacy if a tinted colour is chosen.

2. Acrylic does not rot.

3. Acrylic is maintenance roof windows, yat marine, marina, marmaris

4. 10mm and 12mm Acrylic is very strong and offers a good degree of security.

5. A multi section washboard is easier to handle and stow away when not required.

boot steckshoten boat washboards, tekne giriş kapısı


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